RDB Leasing

“RDB Leasing” facility is for Micro Enterprise, Small and Medium Enterprises, Professionals, High net worth individuals, Government and Private sector Employees to purchase registered and unregistered vehicles which are essential for their businesses and professional activities. Being a state owned the largest Development Bank in the country, RDB will enhance SME sector by facilitating range of commercial vehicles such as Lorries, Freezer Trucks, Trucks, Cab, Buses, vans as well as off road vehicles and Land vehicles.
 Special features 
  • Trust of a Government Bank
  • Less Paper Work
  • Flexible and Customized Repayment Terms
  • Repayment Period up to 7 Years
  • Competitive interest rate and the lowest monthly rentals
Lease amount
  •  Maximum up to Rs. 50 Mn
Repayment period
  •  Maximum up to 7 years
Eligibility Criteria 
  • Should be a registered enterprise/Professional/Person operating a registered business/Fixed income earner/high net worth individual.
  • Should open and operate a savings account with Pradeshiya Sanwardhana Bank.
  • Should not be a defaulter of previous financial facilities obtained from any lending institutions.
  • Should be able to generate sufficient cash flow after acquiring the proposed vehicle/ equipment to pay the lease rentals.
  • The owner / partner / share holder/ director of the enterprise should ;
    • be citizen of Sri Lanka.
    • be in the 18 to 60 age group
  • have prior experience or knowledge in the related enterprise, acceptable to the bank
 Collateral required
 Lease agreement, absolute ownership of the leased asset in the name of the bank and Securities acceptable to the bank
Monthly Rental
  •  Monthly Rental Rs. 2,726/- * for Rs. 100,000/-

 * Condition Apply