Western Union – Double Chance Thagi Malla – Winners



Lottery Draw Name

“Western Union – Double Chance Thagi Malla”

Time period 01st of March to 31th of August 2020
Eligibility • Any customer collecting Western Union transaction from any of the following:
• National Development Bank PLC ( NDB)
• Singer (Sri Lanka) PLC

• Regional Development Bank (RDB)

• Sarvodaya Development Finance (SDF)
• Citizens Development Business Finance (CDB)
Winning chances Customer will get double winning chances if he/ she collect multiple WU transactions.
• If the customer collects 2 WU remittances he/she will be entitled for 4 winning chances.
• If the customer collects 3 WU remittances he/she will be entitled for 6 winning chances.
• Note: Customers who collect Remittances once will only be eligible for one winning chance.
Prize Details
Winning Place
Hero Maestro Edge Scooter
2 & 3
Singer Geo Refrigerator
4 & 5
DELL Note Book Inspiration 3573
6 & 7
Singer LED TV Full HD 40
8 & 9
Sony Home Theatre System
10 & 11
SINGER washing machine Top Load 7kg
12 & 13
Huawei Mobile – Y7 Pro (2019)
14 & 15
Singer Zig Zag Portable Sewing Machine
16 & 17
Regnis Double Burner Gas Cooker
18 & 19
Sisil Grinder 3 Jars
20 & 21
Nikai Hand Mixer 5 Speed Blender
22 & 23
Singer Rice Cooker Red 1.8L
Draw will be made on 15th September 2020
Prizes’ will be given away by 01st October 2020
Festivals covered Sinhalese / Tamil New Year and Ramadan Festival
Special notes NDB Bank accepts no liability for the quality of goods and will be the responsibility of the relevant suppliers and will be covered under the warranties and guarantees offered by the respective suppliers.
If any dispute arises regarding any of the Terms and Conditions contained herein, the decision of the Bank shall be final.
General Terms & Conditions pertaining to Western Union transactions will continue to apply.
The promotion is bound by the terms & conditions of the National Development Bank PLC.
The Bank reserves the right to modify or change all or any of the rules applicable to this promotion and / or features of this Promotion at any time and also reserves the right to extend or shorten the duration of the Promotion and / or withdraw or cancel the Promotion at any time without prior notice.