Ethera Isuru Loans

Ethera Isuru loans are identified as a popular mode of personal loans.

Eligible Activities

To facilitate Sri Lankan citizens who wish to engage in a foreign employment.

Interest Rate

Applicable interest rate shall be the Commercial Loan Scheme ( Bank Fund) rate – 18%


Should have sufficient income and it could be revealed.

Loan Amount

Loan Amount Rs. 1 Mn

Maximum Repayment Period

03 Years

Required Documents
  • Approval letter obtained from the respective firm for a foreign employment.
  • A power of attorney obtained by vesting power to a person to deal with bank.
  • A permanent employee of public service, public corporations, statutory bodies , semi-government bodies , state owned enterprises.
  • An employee of private sector or an employee who doesn’t earn a fixed income.
  • Should have obtained the approval from respective firm where applicant is employed.
  • Should have fulfilled the all eligibility criteria of Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau.
  • Should be willing to engage in a foreign employment.
  • Age should be not less than 18 or not more than 50 .
  • Should not have non-performing loans obligations.
  • Should be applied with a joint borrower of the family who is not less than 18 or not more than 60 age
  • Should have a valid visa and passport.

* Conditions Apply
(RDB Bank holds the authority to change, add or revise any condition, term or statement in this facility)

For more information, please contact the Manager at your nearest RDB Branch or call centre: 011 203 5454

Chief Manager (Credit)
Credit Division,
5th Floor, Head Office,
RDB Bank,
No: 933, Kandy Road, Wedamulla, Kelaniya (11000).
Tel: 011 203 5454
Fax: 011 2906875